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Bargain prices PINK swaying kit for sale! - UK based but will ship overseas!

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10-Oct-10 1:41 pm

Hi! I am going to sell everything 1/2 price or less....some of the stuff has been barely used and has all the original packaging.  I am open to negotiation on the pricing and will have to discuss the postage on a individual basis as some item are heavier than others! I will post outside the UK and will accept cheques (uk only) or paypal!  All p&p prices quoted are for UK only, obviously will cost more if outside UK. Please PM me if you are interested!

Cue 11 monitor - £50 + p&p  (they are £300 new and I paid £150 second hand from a girl in the USA)

2 x ionic light bulbs  - £3 each + p&p- with original packaging used for 3 months (they are supposed to last 10 years and cost £10 each)

Senza pad and original case - £7 +p&p (bought off amazon for £25)

approx 50 universal ph strips 0-14 - £7 + p&p (paid £23 for 100)

19 x advanced LH strips - 1x HCG strip and clearblue O test with 3x tests - £5 +p&p

covatutto 7 incubator - £25+ p&p (bought off e-bay for £50 - hardly used with  original box and packaging)

electrode storage solution 50ml (unopened) - PH Buffers 7 and 4 250ml - slightly used but still at least 200ml - £4 + p+p

2 x ioninsing air purifiers with original boxes and packaging - £6 each + p&p

1 x unopened x30 Saw Palmetto 320mg (Holland & Barrett) - £3 + p&p

1 x cranberry concentrate (Holland & Barrett) - approx 200 - £2 + p&p

Calcium 400g with Mag 200g (Zip Vit) - approx 300 - £2 +p&p

3 x natural pink (unopened) crystal light lemonade and 13 x packets (singular) natural crystal light lemonde - £7 + p&p ( I paid over £20 on-line for these)

Rock Salt Lamp - £2 ...but very heavy...may cost quite alot to post? ( I paid £15 for it)

6 x 250ml lime juice - free! (but will probably cost around £3 to post in UK)

4x applicators replens and 1 x sylk sample - free (in UK)

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10-Oct-10 4:49 pm

Ola, where in the UK are you based ? Will be in the UK towards the end of this month, in Birmingham.

Interested in alot !! Happy ROFL

Primarily the Hanna storage solution  the universal pH strips, CL ,rock salt lamp,ioniser air purifiers and lightbulbs !!!!. Possibly the ovulation kits too, are they the ones with smiley faces???

Let me know if this is a runner for u !!!

Thanks so much,

Saoirse xxxx      

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11-Oct-10 3:32 am

Hi Saoirse....I live about 1hr15mins from Brum...I still have everything you want (except possibly the lighbulbs, but I will know by the weekend if the girl deffo wants to buy them!)  Only 3 of the ovulation sticks are the smiley faces ones the rest are basic strips.  If you are interested and want to pick them up to save on postage then that is cool....I am happy to hold on to them for you but I would need you to pay for therm first if you dont mind? Let me know your plans! OlaHappy Smile

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