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GD and HD (husband disappointment)

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10-Oct-10 8:47 pm

Junior "stay true to yourself"

You are so right!  Thank you for that, it's something I often feel I have lost in the last few years!  Sorry to hear that you have some very similar issues with your husband - it's so hard dealing with somebody like this.  I don't know about you but half of the time I love my dh and the other half I truly feel like I hate him.
I just find it very hard to deal with 3 youngish children, 2 of whom aren't mine and then get constant emotional stress from him too, all while being hormonal and pregnant.  Part of my gd stems from being in a very male dominated household while never having had a bio boy myself.  I do care for my stepsons but it's different to how I feel about my daughter and I would have loved to have given her a sister and enjoy the sisterly bond that I was never able to experience.  There is also a strong autistic link in the male side of his family (his grandfather, father, uncle, brother and youngest son all have it it to varying degrees from extremely severe (living in a home) to mild.  I also suspect at times that my husband has some related tendencies which may cause the side of his character that I just cannot relate to and makes him change personality almost instantaneously.  I am terrified that this boy I am carrying will be autistic as I honestly feel that I could not cope with that alone (as I have to do with everything else).  So, my gd is complicated and mixed in with a load of fear.
Junior - I noticed from your post that you are due in about 7 weeks, have you had gd before or only with this pregnancy?  Is it getting better, I really hope so for you - it's such a difficult thing to go through.  I know that mine is already better than it was, I would say that for the first 3 weeks I felt EGD which has now diluted to just plain old GD Happy Wink  I feel in my heart that if this boy turns out to be healthy (please god no autism) then I will end up loving him the same way I do my daughter, regardless of the feelings I had when first told his gender.
Just to pre-empt any comments from mums on here who may have autistic children - please don't take any of my comments personally.  It's just that with such a strong family history of it on my dh's side I don't believe that any mum would choose for their child to have this, it doesn't mean that they love their child any less.
Thank you to the other people who posted on here - I'm not quite sure how to go back and look at posts while in the middle of writing a message so could only remember the latest one.  Thank you for your support too xxxxx
BTW - does anyone else ever get the message "Non matching quote blocks in post" when they are trying to quote other people?  How do you resolve it?  I often have problems with this!

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