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21-Oct-10 2:24 pm

It's so hard I think for so many to close this chapter in our lives.  I have 3 daughters and am on the fence about another but since I cannot afford antoher, I will not have one.  DH will get a V in Jan.  I just dont think it would be fair to the ones I have now to have a fourth.  It would take so much away from them.  When I think of that, it makes me feel better and I dont get that tugging for antoehr as much.  As mothers, we are more emotional and the daddy's can look at this situation in a more intellectual, rational way.  They werent the ones feeling that baby inside of them.  How I hated to give birth to this one b/c I knew I wouldnt have that feeling ever again.  We have alot of reasons to want to have more babies but as I said for me, I have to say no more for the sake of my family.

good luck to you!!!!

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