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What is it with Europe

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28-Nov-10 3:46 pm

MySaga"][quote user="LittleLadyBug4Me"]

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2. Experience of the clinic doing the PGD biopsy, especially the skill of the embryologist. 3. The additional med's taken after ER in the US (I took antibiotics, steroids, baby aspirin and estradiol injections in my US cycle which I did not take for my European cycle).[/quote]

This. I am sure it has a lot to do with the fact it is COMPLETELY LEGAL in US, so they are more experienced, can do more research related to GS and so they just know more about it. I am sure the treatment for infertile patients will be about the same.


[/quote]Littleladybug, we can not pm eathother anymore, because we dont have gold! I hope you are ok!

Hope you will find my late answer / I forgot to write you / I DID contacted THEM, schedulling an appointment for next week. I will let you know more later on.

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