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anyone elses not even teething yet?


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2-Oct-10 3:15 pm

Emily is 10 months and not even teething! I thought she was for a while but nope. Not even little white spots on her gums no chewing, drooling , crankiness or anything... So who else?

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3-Oct-10 8:39 pm
Declan is an early January baby and we have NOTHING going on teeth wise. Glad to know I am not the only one!

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4-Oct-10 7:44 pm

 No teeth here!  I have kept expecting them to pop out since they mentioned she had some coming in at her nine month appointment but none have appeared.

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9-Oct-10 7:32 am
Not a single tooth in sight. My boobies are happy for that, lol

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9-Oct-10 7:42 am

That is amazing! They say the later the teeth come in the better. I think mine started in at 6 months :(

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9-Oct-10 8:05 am

Not a single tooth in sight. My boobies are happy for that, lol

I hear that Eva has two already and Ive been bit a few times Hmm

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9-Oct-10 8:06 am

Crazy thing is my first two did not get a tooth till past 1 year Confused Huh?


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13-Oct-10 3:24 pm

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24-Nov-10 9:39 pm

Chrfistian has 3 teeth and 3 are comming from the top he got the 3 bottom teeth now his getting all three on the top at once again

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