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Has anyone bd the day before ovulation and actually got a girl?.

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7-Dec-07 1:18 pm


I know the timing thing for trying to conceive a girl . Tried it and ovulated two days early ! So mad!

SO we did it three days before and one day before. I suppose there is no hope but was just wondering. I am hoping it didn't work but scared . Since all four times I got  pregnant it happened on the first month . I had two miscarriages and two sons.

So sad my best friend is pregnant with boy girl twins on the first try. How easy can it be . It sounds mean but I amost can't bare to be friends with her. SHe keeps talking about being blessed and I keep thinking am I being punished? Four pregnancies and still no girl!

I am planning her shower and making two quilts and I keep thinking this should be a quilt for my little girl. THere will be lots of tears quilted into that blanket.

I don't want to be bitter and miserable but feel unable to overcome it.

I also feel some resentment toward husband . I know it sounds crazy but I keep thinking what if I would have married someone else maybe I would have a girl. He really wanted a son so we did SHettles for a boy . I think if I wouldn't have had the pressure maybe the first would have been a girl.

SO hoping I will get a girl but it seems life is making it impossible.




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7-Dec-07 2:03 pm

All my boys were conceived by BD one day before O

This baby we BD three days before and on O day.

I don't put much stock in shettles.

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7-Dec-07 2:19 pm

firstly its very possible to conceive a dd on ovulation day, my dd was! anything is possible even those with A+ girl attempt could end up with a boy..... its the way it goes

GD is terrible it plays nasty nasty games with your mind! you are blessed but you just dont know it! we are all blessed with beautiful children

you arent the first to feel resentment towards your dh, its all GDMad Furious that blanket your making your friend how sweet of you to do so even though its going to cause you heartache, your friend is lucky to have you and yes she is lucky to have twins and honestly if i was having twins id be probably like her....hang on to hope and hang on to that girl dream that will get you through good luck to youHeartsBaby Bear Girl

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7-Dec-07 3:06 pm

I believe my dd was conceived by bd on O day.



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7-Dec-07 3:55 pm

I don't buy into the timing thing at all.  All three of my boys were conceived several days before O.  So please don't beat yourself up over the timing issue - there are plenty of women on here who've done everything by the book and still gotten boys, and as we all know only too well, the world is full of women who didn't sway at all and have girls.

I just want to reassure you Lisa, things will get better.  I was lower than low over boy #3 just a little more than a month ago, and now I've not only made peace with it, I'm actually happy and excited at the prospect.  Hang in there and I wish you all the best of luck. 


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7-Dec-07 5:24 pm

Both my girls were conceived right around O (either the day before or the day of).  For my 1st, we weren't trying for a particular sex, and we used OPK's.  For the 2nd, I did Shettles (to a degree), which obviously didn't work.   I know it's futile, but I still beat myself up over the fact that I should have done more to get a boy, that I did everything wrong.  Do you know for sure that it's a boy?  It could just as well be a girl.  Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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7-Dec-07 5:44 pm

No, I don't know. I just figure after 2 boys . My first bd on O day . The second the day of or day before not sure.

This was three days before and one day before. So unless some girls survived from the three day before.... Hoping . I will have another boy.

My husband has an identical twin and he had 2 girls . I thought for sure we would have girls. What a suprise.

Don't beat yourself up . I didn't follow any of  the shettles other sugestions other than bd on   day of ovulation or day before. SOmetimes I think we are just destined to have one gender over the other.

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7-Dec-07 6:17 pm

DH and I had sex on O day (and the 3 days before) the month we conceived this baby and it's a girl.  I don't believe in Shettles.  :)

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7-Dec-07 6:57 pm

There are so many factors involved don't worry about the timing. I had a 24-29hr cotoff I will let you know on tuesday what I am having.

I also O'd 1 day early which had never happened before, sometimes somethings are just not in our control.

Goodluck for pink!

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8-Dec-07 11:58 am

Yes i did and i am pg with my girl! In fact my c/off was quite short probably about 16 to 24 hours . I think environment plays a big part in the gender selection. Don't feel angry with your dh he has just as many chances of producing a dd as any other men. Good luck anyway.

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8-Dec-07 12:37 pm

I have to agree with all the ladies here that there are just no guarantees with timing, or.......well anything else for that matter.

I have been through the " it's my husband's fault" ( passing thoughts, thankfully) and all the different feelings that go with GD....... I think that the studies here have proven that any man can have a boy OR a girl, so please don't blame your DH.........

I could go into a big long post about what I feel God has been teaching me about GD lately........but for lack of time I'll get you the short version: I believe that God cares about the desires of our hearts, there are many verses in the bible about that. There are even MORE verses about how God needs to accomplish *his* will............More than anything, as a Christian, I believe he wants my whole heart trusting him.......That is not always an easy thing, I'll admit, but it's finally starting to make sense for me. I don't know what you believe, so I'm just sharing my faith based on the bible............There's a story about Abraham and how he and his wife were very old when God told them they would have baby Isaac. When Isaac was finally born ( actually, somewhere in boyhood) God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to him. ( Isaac was his DREAM come true!) This was actually a test to see is Abraham loved Isaac more than he loved Isaac's creator, which of course was God. So Abraham ties him up and is about to kill Isaac with a knife when an angel stops him..........God had provided a ram caught in the bushes as the sacrifice. Abraham proved to God that he loved him more than he loved Isaac, and of course, God did'nt actually want him to kill Isaac. So, when I think about GD, and how I could *easily* have my 4th baby boy this time, I think about how it's really more important that God accomplishes History HIS-STORY through my life ( and everyone else's) than for me to get everything I want out of this life.......My life is just a little part of the story God is writing..........Now, my oldest son starting praying for a girl before I even told him I wanted one. My MIL has prayed for one in the past for us ( and probably still is) and the good Lord knows I've prayed for one a million times.......I believe that God * wants* to give me the desires of my heart, but that his overall plan for the world ( HIS STORY) will have the ultimate decison for the gender of this baby. It's comforting to think about..........That each of my children, and all the people in this world have a part to play in God's plan for the world.........* His* story, not mine. :)  ( smiley's are'nt working today)

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10-Dec-07 3:25 pm

Hi Lisa, I'm here to give you solid hope in the face of my crushing disappointment!  The one and only BD we had to get pg with the baby girl I'm carrying was somewhere in the 12hrs before ovulation, as I tracked my ovulation through cerv muc, BBT and LH surge to work hard to sway for my longed-for second baby boy.  We'll keep our fingers crossed for you, because you've got a good shot at your baby girl!  You just may have to get to work on that beautiful pink quilt yet!


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10-Dec-07 5:04 pm


Thank you for your reply .  I hope.  We tried for a boy the first time and the second ( I ovulated 2 days early)  Seems to happen frequently.

You know I really believed in the timing thing and now the more I read the less I am believing it. I hate that I have no control over it.

I know you are not too keen on a girl but at least you won't have family and complete strangers asking when you are going to have that girl. I swear If I hear it one more time..... Oh good the holidays are coming! I wonder how ofter I will hear it this year!

Although , I think after quilts for twins any child of mine is going to have a good old store bought one . Geez.The monotony of it!

Heartbroken More than I care to think about due to blood clotting disorder.

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12-Dec-07 9:33 pm


I bd 5 days straight before ovulation  on ovulation day and 5 days straight after ovulation and i got my girl she will be 3 weeks tomorrow so there is hope I just think that no matter what you do you get whatever is planned for you(God) I did the very same thing for my other 2 kids and got 2 boys then girl so I guess that was the way it was suppose to be. Good luck sending you my pink dust to you!


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13-Dec-07 7:08 pm

My first son was conceived 3 days (CD 11) before O and I can't tell you when the second was conceived because he was an ooops while I was breastfeeding.  I tell you though, things happen for a reason because they are 18 months apart in age and couldn't live a day without each other!  I still want a girl but I cannot deny that my family as it is makes sense.

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