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13 Vs 20 week gender scan accuracy?

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30-Sep-10 10:17 am

Hello - I am just popping over from the Due in Feb boards.....hope that is OK?! Happy

I was wondering, for those of you that have had your babies genders confirmed, were they correct at the early 12-13 week scan?

I have my 20 week scan on Monday and I am curious to know if the result they gave me at the 13 week scan will be the same!! - The tech did seem to be very well versed in the nub/angle wasn´t just a "I think it could be a....!" - So I was pretty convinced, but now as the time is ticking by..........................well you know how it is!!! Happy Wink

Thanks in advance for all of your responses, happy and healthy pregnancies/births to you all Hugs Butterfly



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