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Hey what are you feeding as a way of soilds etc

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23-Sep-10 6:23 am

Christian is nearly 9 months well he is tommorrow actually anyhow when can you start finger foods and what things do you feed them. At the moment he is on 2 soilds a day but it is only smooth stuff and about 4 to 5 bottles he is on soya milk. Anyhow when or has anyone started finger food with there bubbas I am scared too! I am scared of choking big time its a fear I have so just need some ideas and how old you started them on them he would love to but im too scaredSad

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23-Sep-10 12:37 pm

Wyatt loves gerber puffs(cereal)  They are his favorite.  I also give him pea's ,spaghetti o's pretty much anything soft.  Good Luck:)

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25-Sep-10 8:19 am

 I started emmi on phase 3 foods at 8 months and by 9 I had her eating scrambled eggs, peas and carrots (really really soft) kiwi, melt away puffs, teething buscuits, pasta etc. Pretty much anything thats soft enough for her to gum. She still doesn't have any teeth yet so once she gets those in I can move her along to other things.

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25-Sep-10 8:29 am

 We did a kind of modified baby-led weaning.  He gets mashable chunks of pretty much anything.  Avocado (until is suddenly became the WORST FOOD EVER!!), sweet potato, carrots, peas, mango, pears, green beans, parsnips, etc.  We haven't done yogurts or cheeses or anything like that yet.  Waiting until his 9 month appt first.

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9-Oct-10 7:44 am
Peas , bananas cut up, avocados, Graham cracker, spaghetti

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9-Oct-10 8:17 am

I get whole grain Cheerios and soak them in water for a few secs and they are perfect finger food and all mine LOVED them.


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13-Oct-10 3:21 pm

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