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Confused...blood test results at NT scan.Please help if you can!

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21-Sep-10 11:54 am
So funny that you raise this because I was justlooking at this very issue, which has some studies behind it.  There is a very interesting thread here:

which delves into things at greater length but, in summary, the gist is as you say, that looking at trends from certain NT results, a PAPP-A lower than 1 often points to boy and a higher hcg MOM correlates more with girls (the boy average is 1.0 and the girl average is 1.185).  Your 3.07 is phenomenal and suggests girl. 

As with everything it seems, there are outliers, HOWEVER, what I have seen JUST from the data shared on the aforementioned thread (pretty limited data set):

1) MOST "wrong results" are cases where hcg MoM was low (boy) but people had girls instead.2) Just a couple cases where hcg MoM was in girl range (1.42 and 2.08) but a boy was had3) NO 'wrong cases' have yet been seen where a boy was had and there was BOTH a girly/high hcg MOM and PAPPAI think I am going to post this issue on the Gender Prediction - Just For Fun board to see if we can collect more data.  Feel free to chime in here or there with your results.  Maybe I should also post in the general Pregnancy board so people who already know their gender can chime in.Hope this is helpful or interesting to you.