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Money back??


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3-Apr-06 11:54 am

I sent the fingerprints in last week and I called today to check the status.  The same woman answered the phone and said she would try to process my refund today or tommorow.  I hope it comes and I hope it is the whoe $550...but I am not holding my breath, too bad I have really low expectations.  I have been dealing with this company since last JULY, almost a YEAR!  Ugh, I just can't wait for it to be over.  I say go for it.  I don't think they can tell a damn thing from the finger prints, they just try to tell women they can because they are afraid of people trying to scam them, I know none of us are, but I think they are silly enough to think so and that this will deter women from trying to get their money back.

I will let you know if i get a check this week and for how much.