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Please leave these comments to the Extreme forum

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13-Sep-10 7:22 am

I understand how it can upset you to talk about abortion but I just feel like if it bothers you then leave it alone.  No one will ever completely agree with your beliefs.  And yes there are some people that just don't think the way you think.  The people on this site can get hypocritical because most of us have DG or GD but yet when people bash us and judge us for having GD or DG we get so defensive and talk bad about them.  So if you don't like for someone to do that to you, then please don't do that to them even if you do find it so sick and disgusting and it bothers you because there are people out here that find GD and DG sick and disgusting and think we should just appreciate the child we have regardless if we have 10 boys wanting a girl or 10 girls wanting a boy.  Thats all I am saying.  I am not trying to argue or go against I just want people to stand on the inside and look out.  And another thing is yes there is an EGD forum on here but most of the time you cant even vent in there because there are lurkers that go into that forum just to be nosey when they really don't have EGD or GD for that matter.  There is nothing wrong with telling the OP to post in the EGD forum and move on.  Don't bash her and speak negative to her. Respect all posts because you would want someone to do that for you if you were in her shoes.

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