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other peoples GD

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12-Sep-10 11:55 am

My SIL finally admitted she had GD.  She has 2 girls and 1 boy.  Before she would never admit that she had GD after she found out the gender of her 2nd girl.  She would always say why do people worry and they should be happy if the baby is healthy.  I always knew she was 1 of those closet GD people because she seems real happy that we were having a girl as our 2nd DD.  So here is how I got it out of her.  We were on a road trip just us 2 having a moms weekend away from the kids.  While driving she was talking about her stepmom and telling me about when her stepmom was pregnant with her 2nd boy (her little brother) 9 years ago and she was depressed because it was a boy.  Then she said that she didn't know why her stepmom was depressed as long as the baby was healthy.  I told her well I can understand the stepmom because I was like that when pregnant with my 2nd DD (her niece) and I wish I could have enjoyed my pregnancy and been happy about having a 2nd girl like she was when she was pregnant with her 2nd girl.  Then she said well not totally because I was sad at first too.  She told me when she saw her scan she saw the girl shot and said oh great another girl this sucks.  She told me how and why she wanted a boy.  Then she told me when she was pregnant with her 3rd child she didn't find out the gender because she was afraid it would be another girl and she was happy and shouted THANK GOODNESS when they said Boy after delivery.  She told me don't give up and dont be discouraged because my next might be a boy and she understands and knows how bad I want him so she hopes I get a boy.  After that conversation I felt another bonding level between us and I felt so much better that I was able to talk to someone that I know personally about GD and they have gone through it themselves. 

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