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Diaper Bags for twins

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11-Sep-10 10:11 pm

So I am looking for a diaper bag that will hold alot. So do i nedd two diaper bags or are there any big ones


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11-Sep-10 10:20 pm

I have a Kalencom weekender bag and LOVE it!!! It's big and fits tons of stuff, lots of pockets, very durable. I wanted something big so I could fit stuff for all my girls in there and it does Agree Best diaper bag I have ever had. Mine is in Heavenly Dots.

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11-Sep-10 10:25 pm

I love Fleurville favorite!

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11-Sep-10 10:27 pm

I got this bag, it was like 13 on sale but 20 still isnt a bad price. This bag is huge. You wont need more than one bag with this one, even with twins.


Read the reviews too.


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11-Sep-10 10:39 pm

 I just use a regular diaper bag. 

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12-Sep-10 9:07 pm

Thanks ladies, I love them all now which one to get LOL

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13-Sep-10 1:42 am

Wal-Mart has a cool one online---with a big Peace Symbol on the front!! It's black and the symbol can come in any color-way coolHappy  LOL

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13-Sep-10 1:32 pm

 we have

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