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Cronic Pain and Pregnancy

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13-Sep-10 7:34 am

Hi Moonwalker, I also suffer from chronic pain, as a result of Fibromyalgia.  It mainly affects my lower back, upper back, neck and right hip.  I have been unable to work for several years because of it. I must admit to being very concerned about how I'm going to deal with the last trimester of pregnancy, and even more, how I'm going to manage a baby and then toddler, with all the bending and lifting involved. 

I use Duragesic patches to control the pain.  I tried to stop using them because of the pregnancy, but I ended up with such excruciating pain that I had to start using them again.  According to the doctors I've spoken to, it's okay to use them for now, but I need to cut down on them towards the end of my pregnancy, so that it's out of my system by the time the baby is born. Otherwise, the baby will suffer from withdrawal.  It can be medically managed, apparently, but I don't want to put my baby through that. I just hope I can cope.  What medication do you use?

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