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Boy or Girl Guesses 2nd ultrasound pic 14w 6d


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8-Sep-10 2:25 pm


I couldn't figure out how to add another images so here is another "angle" of my lttile bean's gender - very confused on whether this is a boy or girl.....thanks for everyone's input!




Wow! The 1st pic u posted in this thread looks almost identical to mine!! I had mine done at 14w 5d and I was given an 100% guarantee of it being a boy. I'm now 36 weeks and have been told by my OB and other certified techs that it was an ambiguous nub and my baby could be either girl or boy. So I won't make a guess! I would say 50/50! My next scan is next Wed and I'll find out for sure, then, what I'm having. I can't wait to hear what you're having! GL!

Here's my pic for comparison:

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