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"Replace your day job"

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27-Oct-10 5:03 am

Hi everyone, new here but wanted to jump in.  From what I can see this is a fairly new company, maybe that's why there isnt much chat out there yet.  A little background if you don't mind.  I'm a mom, 5 kidlets under the age of ten, one w/special needs.  I'm close to desperate to find a way to make $ from home.  My husband and I are both self-employed in the construction field (in CA no less) and needless to say, work is getting harder to come by.

I just signed on w/ "ReplaceYourDayJob" so I'll give you the scoop so far cuz you'll never "figure it out" by the advertisements.  First of all, you're not "hired" for anything like they lead you to believe.  What it is, is a comprehensive training course on eBay.  (They are not affiliated w/eBay but teach you how it all works.  (This will cost $47 - you have to exit the $67 offer then they offer it for $47 - that #$@*^$ me off but O.K).  Then, after you complete the training course - sessions w/tests before next session unlocked - you feel like "O.K. , now what?  Very next morning I get a call from a "personal coach".  I ask: "o.k. now what?"  Now all along you're seeing that you have to subscribe to access to their list of companies, supposedly big name companies, 300+ offering products that you can list and take a cut from any sales you make - and the companies all dropship so you don't handle any inventory or anything, just post and sell.  This subscription will cost $34.95/mth (with a seven day free trial).  So my guess is that this is where this Co. is making their $.  The list of available products, supposedly 1000's, is constantly updated.  I cannot yet speak to the validity of this claim because I havn't subscribed yet - this was just yesterday - but I plan to.  I will be the guinee pig.  Thing is that apparently it's otherwise hard to find suppliers who are willing to develop a selling relationship with you before you establish yourself (on eBay) as a trustworthy seller.  This company claims that all that doesn't matter - that THEY have those relationships established - THEY train you.  So this guy tells me, "start posting."  I say "Really?"  Subscribe, pick your products, post, sell and make a commission.  We'll see.  I'm going to try cuz I can afford to lose $35.  Wish they would just explain all this from the start - like in the advertisements - people are much more likely to respond to honesty rather than pay first, then find out what it is (kinda like the health care Bill!!!)

I'm happy to keep you posted on what I find when I access their software.

 That being said.  I have to say that I was actually thouroughly impressed with the amount of info this training course presented.  There is little chance you could get this much so detailed in such a short space of time.  I'm also very impressed with what Meg Whitman did with eBay (Sorry, another political plug maybe but I'm in CA and facing having to deal w/ another failed attemt of Jerry Brown trying to run this already failing state).  Bottom line - even if you don't sign on to the monthly deal, the education is WELL worth the $47 if you want to know not only how eBay works, but how the entire internet operates.  This post is getting way too long, sorry.  If anyone is interested, I'll post details of the type of info taught - good stuff - really.  Let me know.