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Gender scan in ONE hour! *Update on OP*

#2 due November 26th!

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3-Sep-10 12:04 pm

And I am freaking out!  Seriously, I am soooo nervous.  We'll be leaving in about half an hour, and I'll update as soon as I get back!  Pray

Update: Thanks for everyones support, it's a boy. Sad 

I am beyond devastated.   What made it worse, was that they told me ''It's a GIRL!'' first. Then my world came crashing down 2 seconds later. Heartbroken

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3-Sep-10 12:05 pm

Hope you come back with pink news! GL, can't wait for the update!

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3-Sep-10 12:07 pm

I hope everything goes well at your U/S Good Luck Clover

PINK DUST your way!

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3-Sep-10 12:08 pm

Soooooo exciting, I have my fingers crossed for you that you hear Baby Bear Girl xxx

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3-Sep-10 12:08 pm

Good luck hunni, I hope baby co-operates cant wait to hear your update Love Ya!

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3-Sep-10 12:09 pm

Good Luck CloverHugs VioletGood Luck Clover

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3-Sep-10 1:23 pm

Good luck huni keep us updated :)

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3-Sep-10 1:35 pm

Good Luck Clover

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3-Sep-10 1:40 pm

Good luck! Hope you hear Baby Bear Girl

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3-Sep-10 2:15 pm

tick tock , netween you and Keri this freaking suspence is killing me ahhhhh

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3-Sep-10 2:16 pm

Stalking FB and IG for news...Hearts

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3-Sep-10 2:26 pm

Congratulations! This baby is going to have the best mommy! Hearts


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3-Sep-10 2:29 pm

You will both make the best parents any child could wish for. Congratulations again Nicola Hearts

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3-Sep-10 2:30 pm

 *taps foot* Hey lady we're waiting Happy  LOL.

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3-Sep-10 2:31 pm

AHHHHH!!! Im dieing to know over here!!! Love Ya!

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