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Kerribug2004 Twins Gender scan 9/3/2011 UPDATED WITH GENDERS


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2-Sep-10 9:31 am

I will be having my gender scan tomorrow at 9:30 am EST. I will most likely got shopping afterwards, Once I am home I will updated here. Hearts


So sorry ladies I was out shopping after we found out.

ITS A GIRL AND A BOY> I am over the moon happy, it took us a little to get to see the girl becasue she had her legs crossed, but the boy was very proud about he stuff and show us lots of it. LOL. Thanks to all of your beautiful ladies and I really appreciate all of your support and love. Hearts

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2-Sep-10 9:36 am

Goodluck tomorrow!!! Im sure you will have a blast shopping Kiss

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2-Sep-10 9:55 am
OMG!!! i absolutely cannot wait to hear!!!! i hope you have a really fun day and enjoy getting to see your little cuties bouncing around!!! Love Ya!
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2-Sep-10 9:58 am

 So exciting!!!! Can't wait to hear the news.!!!!

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2-Sep-10 10:29 am
Good luck!!!

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2-Sep-10 11:00 am

 How exciting!

I wish you best of luck!

Good Luck Clover 

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2-Sep-10 11:21 am

Good luck tomorrow!  That is so exciting Happy  LOL

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2-Sep-10 11:23 am
Good Luck! I'll be stalking this post that is for sure!

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2-Sep-10 11:24 am

good luck kerri!! cant wait to hear the news! how about u come home and update and then go shopping!! hahaha-just kidding have fun this is so exciting!

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2-Sep-10 11:25 am

So excited for you hun!  PINK DUST!!!! (x2)

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2-Sep-10 11:28 am

Good luck! Good Luck Clover




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2-Sep-10 11:44 am

 Good Luck!  Sending you pink dust!


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2-Sep-10 11:48 am

I can just imagine that tomorrow cant come FAST ENOUGH! I cant wait to hear all about itHappy  LOL

and I would go shopping too. HAVE FUN!

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2-Sep-10 11:56 am

 I can't wait! Happy Smile Sending you all my pink dust!

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2-Sep-10 12:00 pm
Totally stalking this post!! Good Luck for tomorrow hun. X x x
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