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anyone think their prenatal care may have caused your child's problem?

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2-Sep-10 8:48 am

this may not be the right place for this question... but i wanted to ask a group of ladies that have special needs kids what their thoughts were.  my history is i have two boys, one who i always suspected had something going on... even at some point thought maybe autism.  however, he has been diagnosed with apraxia of speech, which is unrelated to autism, but still a neurological condition involving the motor speech process (i am a speech pathologist, so at least i understand itStick out tongue ).  anyway, with him i did not get alot of ultrasounds, i was to scared of the possible dangers.  however, he still has these issues.  he is 2 and 1/2 and still not really talking, but getting there.  he is normal in all other areas.  

my other son is 14 months, appears to be typically developing.

this pregnancy, i have found out i am having a girlHearts and we are thrilled.  however, now i am concerned over the multitude of ultrasounds i have had.  in the beginning i had a blood clot (SCH) by the baby so they did an u/s every week, most of my first trimester.  besides that i had a few un-needed u/s to confirm gender because i was obsessed with knowing!  now i am living in fear of any damage i could have caused, especially since i DO have one child with some level of disability.  

anyone here have many u/s and then have a child with neurological damage of some sort?  or do you believe this link is untrue?

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