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need some help!

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21-Aug-10 8:42 pm

i used cd's with dd2 b/c she reacted so bad to sposies, but our water is extremely hard (we tested it, it was off the scale) and I had a hard time getting smells out and with dd3, she continually got rashes with them.  I always used the free and clear detergents like ALL, could that have been the issue? I have prefolds and inserts for fuzzibunz, swaddlebees and some there ANY salvaging them or should i just chunk them?  ANY help would be appreciated, I LOVED using cloth.




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21-Aug-10 9:38 pm

I think that if you stripped them they may be okay.  Our water is pretty hard, too, and I've been thinking about ordering the rockin green hard rock detergent. 

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23-Aug-10 3:52 pm
you can do a rock the soak a few times (it will probably take a few times since there is alot of buildup it sounds like. They will probably get worse before they get better.) I used tide on my diapers and would get a stink issue every so often but it would be a bad one. i switched to ONLY rocking green hard rock and did a few rock the soaks and no stink issues at all! I wont go back. it was hard to get over the hump and see the light at the end of the tunnel tho because htye got ALOT worse before they got better :)
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