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The Ultimate Twist

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26-Aug-10 11:38 am

saggyrl11"][quote user="GGandB"]

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Hmmm!  Interesting!

First off, affairs happen, unplanned pregnancies happen... I think I could get over that (although I would HATE the financial implications).  If I still had GD, the DG thing would truly sting!  Although I wouldn't see the baby as what should have been "mine"... it would just be the usual DG jealously amped up by the infidelity factor.

Interestingly, in the infertility scenario a PP mentioned... I sort of think I'd be interested in adopting the mistress & DH's baby.  Somehow I'd be okay with that!  (I know the wife in that situation did not have the option...)



you are a STRONG woman for this. 

[/quote] I agree... you are a very strong woman, certainly a rare breed. ;) I'm still not ashamed to say I would be sick with bitterness and jealousy and would never be able to forgive.

yes!!  I would be highly upset and wouldn't want to look at him.  We would have to set up a middle person to drop the kids off to while he pick them up from them.  Sounds extreme but I would be so upset.

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