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How's every April 2010 buddy doing?

God loves me

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17-Aug-10 4:26 am

Thought everyone's so much occupied and I might post !

My son was born on April 9th, and he's 131 days old as of today. He weighed 18.5lbs(8.4kg) a week ago at pediatricians' when we went for the DTP+polio vaccination.

I am back to work, still breastfeeding partially. He can't still roll over completely(tries hard though LOL), but as my dd was a bit slow rolling over, (walked at 11months, but talked earlier than peers though) so I must patiently wait.

Married to a wonderful dh since 2003. non-OB M.D. finanlly back to work after 7 months off! 

Baby GirlJune 2005 & Baby BoyApril 2010 ...blessed with one of each, now done with conceiving and all about raising them!


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17-Aug-10 5:48 am


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