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I had my baby

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11-Aug-10 4:00 pm

Hi girls,

   I know I have been pretty absent the last few months.  Just wanted to let you know that I had my little guy on August 2nd.  We named him Rylan Kai and he is perfect.  I had a tubal ligation done at the same time, so this is officially it for me.  I will always be sad that I never had a daughter, but do not feel any gender disappointment with his birth...he is wonderful.

   I wish everyone good luck with their dreams.  After 2 failed IVF's and 2 natural miscarriages, it was incredible to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. 

   Happy Smile

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11-Aug-10 4:05 pm


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Ours came dressed in blue!

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11-Aug-10 6:30 pm

 CONGRATS!!! xXx   

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11-Aug-10 11:00 pm

 Pearls,,,,, I am so very happy for you.  Totally enjoy him! At this point I would give anything to have a baby...

Love ya!

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13-Aug-10 11:54 am

That is wonderful news!  Congratulations to you!

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13-Aug-10 12:02 pm


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13-Aug-10 12:18 pm

 Congratulations on your beautiful new blue bundle.  Enjoy those precious newborn days. 

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13-Aug-10 12:20 pm

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14-Aug-10 12:12 pm

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14-Aug-10 12:16 pm

beautiful name, congratulations, so glad you dont have GD. well done and enjoy your little baby.Kiss

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14-Aug-10 12:57 pm

 CONGRATULATIONS!! I adore his name! Post pics when you can! 

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14-Aug-10 1:06 pm

Congrats on your little boy Happy Celebrate

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17-Aug-10 3:53 pm

When I hear stories like yours it gives me hope and makes me mad for feeling sorry for myself - pain may be pain but what I have experienced is absolutely nothing compared to some of  you ladies.  CONGRATULATIONS on Ryan and I am sure you have no gender disappointment - a baby is a baby and apparently God wanted you to have a boy Happy  LOL

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17-Aug-10 7:54 pm

Sorry I missed this earlier!

Congrats on your little boy! I am so happy to hear that he is lovely, and you are in love.


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18-Aug-10 2:26 am

Congrats on your Baby Bear Boy

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