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Hi - can anyone sum things up in a nutshell?

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11-Aug-10 8:48 am
Hi, I'm pretty new at this myself and went through most of these questions a week or so ago. What country are you in ? I'm living in Japan, I don't speak Japanese and I've managed to gather everything i needed. You can use the strips but they're a bit 'messy' and not so accurate ( in my opinion ). I'd suggest investing in a Hanna PH Pocket Meter ( you can look on FAQ & find a link to PH advice, it advises on strips to/not to use and the best PH meters) as you can insert this and check PH easily and as often as you desire ( it becomes addictive!). As for you day 1 - i'm not sure - if it were me, i'd take it from the first sign/ spotting - this month you'll only be recording your Cycle so take not of everything - sign up to - they have some great tools for tracking and you can record every detail. I just did my 1st o+12 sway and messed it up. So i'm not only a person to contact if you want to know 'what to do' but i'm ya girl if you want to know 'what NOT to do' ;-). x