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0 +12 attempt - Did i kill the sperm ;-(

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10-Aug-10 1:49 am
Hi , I did my 1st O+12 attempt this morning - now i'm worried i may have killed the sperm..... Before dtd My CM = PH3.75 DH = PH 7.35 Had a small amount of EWCM -Did 15 ml lime douche B4 dtd. After dtd 2 mls Lime Douche after dtd 1 -3 hrs after dtd - PH combined was 6.35 - 6.50 ( applied 1 ml Lime every 30 mins) 4th hr - I was measuring PH 5.6 After 4 hrs put in lime tampon I am worrying that i may have killed all the sperm Do you think i wiped out the little tadpoles with all the lime? Any thoughts ?