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Ramzi's Method Unveiled (In Detail)

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Hi ladies,

    I know many of us have researched and or heard about the placenta placement theory ( A.K.A- Ramzi's Method). The theory basically states that if the placenta implants on the RIGHT- it will be a boy, if it implants on the LEFT- it will be a girl. This is still true but as I was reading many posts I noticed many women had questions about a posterior or anterior placenta..... Well ladies I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER Happy ROFL............ I went to the dr today and had my ultrasound only to find out that my placenta is on the left posterior.... Well I needed to know what gender this method suggests.... so I began my research...... This is the web address to the article about Ramzi's method...

The name of the article is:


The Relationship Between Placental Location and Fetal Gender (Ramzi’s Method):
Can Placental / Chorionic villi Location be used as Indicator for Fetal Gender at Six Weeks Gestation using 2-D and Color Flow Sonography?

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The article is written by medical professionals so it may be a little hard to understand.... I had to read it a couple of times myself lol..... I am posting their findings as it partains to Ramzi's theory and gender predictions...

" Table one showed that the incidence of male fetuses in relation with right lateral placenta was 99.1% followed by fundal lateral anterior at 98.7% then by fundal right lateral posterior placenta at 98.5%, then by anterior right lateral placenta at 97.4%, and by the posterior right lateral placenta at 96.2%. The overall average of this incidence was 97.25% for male fetuses and this is very significant result.

Table two showed that the incidence of female fetuses in relationship with the fundal left lateral anterior was 98.7% followed by fundal left lateral posterior at 98.6%, then by left lateral placenta at 98.5%, then by anterior left lateral placenta at 97.7% and by the posterior left lateral placenta at 96.8%. The overall average of this incidence was 97.5% and it is very significant. This result might influence fetal gender if the IVF implantation was directed accordingly to the specific site for the specific gender desired. "

So ladies here is the rundown of the article.....

Right Lateral Placenta- 99.1% Fundal Left Lateral Anterior- 98.7%
Fundal Lateral Anterior- 98.7% Fundal Left Lateral Posterior- 98.6%
Fundal Right Lateral Posterior- 98.5% Left Lateral- 98.5%
Anterior Right Lateral- 97.4% Anterior Left Lateral- 97.7%
Posterior Right Lateral- 96.2% Posterior Left Lateral- 96.8%



I hope this helps with all the confusion.... I found this was very helpful for me.... For those ladies who the placenta is directly in the middle with no variance to the right or left I am not sure what to think.... Apparently, the placenta should have some favor of right or left. I am sorry this will not help alleviate your confustion......

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