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My Story-PGD for Genetic Condition and Gender-UPDATED

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4-Aug-10 4:11 pm
I was a long time lurker about a year ago then once my second son was born I stayed away because it became an obsession..Embarrassed
My name is Janet I am now a mother of two boys, my second son and was conceived through IVF due to a blocked tube.
When I was pregnant with my first son and found out he was a boy I was so depressed and convinced I would do High tech, then after 16mos of TTC and IVF I just wanted another baby despite the sex.. now here is the issue.
My husband has a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis-NF1, I knew there was a 50% chance of our child having NF and were lucky with AJ so I "left it up to God" and my Ryan has NF. He has visits with a Pediatric Neurologist, Neuro-Opthamologist, Dermatologist an had an MRI at 3 months to have an early screen to see if there will be any tumors affecting his optic system(which turned out good) I dont regret having Ryan, not in the least, but I cannot do this to another child.. I think you can understand why
So it has taken almost a year to make up the special testing material (not a probe) to test for the NF and gender but it is now ready.
I had my egg retrieval on Friday, they retrieved 13 eggs and ten were mature and I got the devasting news that only 4 fertilized, to me was a disaster since they were being biopsied for the NF and gender.. I got the news that another one had fertilized and 5 were biopsied and we got the results 2 hours before the probable transfer this morning, here is the breakdown:
Out of five embryos

1 affected male
3 affected females


That's four out of five, makes me very sad in a way that almost all were affected by the NF, but also ecstatic that the one unaffected was indeed female.
So we only had one to transfer and hoping for sticky vibes...
Thanks for listening to me as I put myself on bedrest for the rest of the day Pray
ps do you think I need to be on bedrest tomorrow too?

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