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TTC Girly Girl - August 2010

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7-Aug-10 8:11 am
Hi! I'm a newbie and a very nervous one at that! I'll be trying for a real O+12 in about 3 days time and have a few questions. I'd be really grateful if one/ some of you lovely ladies could help me out. 1) I'm fine testing PH levels of my CM, but how do you check PH level after you've 'DTD'...Do you sick a finger in swirl it around and then test? 2) When we dtd we'll be going for a 'shallow deposit', When i apply a lime douche after how far in should I deposit it - eg near the cervix or a shallow deposit? They're my main questions at the moment but as the day draws closer so will my doubts and my cries for help I'm sure! Thanks in advance for your help & good luck to you all this month!