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Thank You Mature Mamas


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1-Aug-10 11:36 am

To all of you who have encouraged me not to give up and to those of you who gave me book suggestions my thanks.  My DH looked at me last night and said "are you sure you want to try naturally for several months" and I knew then and there that reading those books and the support of all of you had helped significantly.  My response was yes I am sure.  If it doesn't work then I will move to Plan B and since there are Mature Mamas out there who are already pregnant naturally and those of you on the high tech journey I don't feel so alone and my sister who joined this board because she is pg thinks that other than it is huge and there seems to be tons of you guys that this is a fabulous support board for anyone trying to conceive,for pregnant mothers, for baby suggestions, etc., so THANKS from the bottom of my heart.  Here goes August wish me luck!!  Happy Smile

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1-Aug-10 7:40 pm

You're welcome and lots of luck for your August attempt!!! Happy

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2-Aug-10 1:27 am


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3-Aug-10 12:36 pm

Yeah, bring on the BFP for August!

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14-Sep-10 5:54 pm


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15-Sep-10 6:54 pm

Thanks I am in the TWW and am going to test on Friday and I sure EPTs are good because I have a warehouse of them hidden in the safe at home.  Happy LMAO

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20-Sep-10 9:55 pm

All the best Pray





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ttc girl, see what happens.

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