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Thinking about another baby

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19-Aug-10 3:50 am


I don't think you are crazy at all, only you and your DP know if you are done with having children or not. I would like to have two more, my boys are from my previous marriage and I will be swaying in November to have a girl, I would love to have another one after that but as long as I have my little girl next then I am happy to just have one more.

When would you want to ttc?



Hi, thanks for the reply. I didn't think there were any replies because i thought i had the email notification on. 

 I am not sure when we'd be ttc. I am still a bit unsure (mainly because i worry what others will think) and dp wants some things with work sorted out first. We'd probably wait another 12-18m before ttc.

I hope you get your girl! I still feel very lucky every day to have my 3 boys and a girl.

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