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Can anyone help with my DS post? ETA they sold!

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27-Jul-10 3:21 pm

I'm finally tired of my extra diapers just sitting around the house, when I could be selling them for much-needed money.  I listed my pink Flip covers on DS.  Since it's my 1st post there, I'm sure I did something wrong.  Can anyone who's familiar with that site look at it, and give me any suggestions?  The only other thing I can think of is a picture, which'll have to wait until DD wakes up.  Thanks!

** A lady was interested in buying all 4, she paid me, and the diapers are ready to go in tomorrow's mail!  Thanks for your help ladies!


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27-Jul-10 3:44 pm

 Looks great! I'd add pics (might not let you due to your post count, so I can add them in a reply for you)

Might be more to the point to eliminate your whole 2nd paragraph and add this in there:

Non-smoking, pet free, washed in "blank", always hung to dry, $10 PPD includes tracking, Paypal only please. Thanks so much for looking!

..keep it short and sweet! Happy Wink 



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27-Jul-10 3:49 pm
I'd add pics(if it will let you) and shorten it up a bit. You can try uploading pics to photobucket and paste the link from there, that's what I usually do :)

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27-Jul-10 4:03 pm

Oh, I wish I had $$ right now--I would buy your blossom ones.  Anyway, if I were you I'd try posting in other spots on DS to build up your post count and if you have feedback anywhere (even ebay) then I'd let them know that as well.  I personally would be very leary of buying from someone with no feedback at all, kwim?

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27-Jul-10 4:21 pm

Thank you for the tips!!

Lovemy4- I'll keep you in mind. Happy

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27-Jul-10 4:34 pm

 Done. Happy Wink

How long did you use these? May also want to add "Only used "blank" weeks"

Also you will not be able to PM people on there due to your post count (think it needs to be at 5? and won't count in fs forums) Super annoying. So maybe add "can't PM yet so please PM your email"


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28-Jul-10 2:05 am

 YAY!! Happy Smile


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31-Jul-10 6:03 pm
just seeing this now... I'm glad you found a buyer!
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