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LH SURGE, Trying for BOY

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23-Jul-10 3:34 pm


I am new to board. DH and I had baby girl March of this year. We would like our 2nd child to be a boy. We are ready to try, trying to understand timing and LH SURGE...What I know, according to Shettles- is not to have intercourse no more than 24 hours before Ovulation, to no more than 12 hours past ovulation.

LH Surge means I will ovulate soon. What methods timing/is ideal and BEST to try to conceive boy?

Other thoughts/questions- If DH were to "get off" days before LH Surge, does this have affect on sperm count and "good sperm" for trying? Should we hold off the week before predicted ovulation day?

Is it TRUE? : DH should drink caffeine 15 minutes before intercourse, wear boxers, and do "doggy" style?

**NOTE** After reading into all the swaying methods...I plan on following "boy diet", drinking lemon/lime water, PH testing, BS Douche.

Any feedback and conversation about timing and trying for a boy would be invaluable! I am new to this, and appreciate your thoughts.


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