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My CBEFM didnt ask me for a stick today; got a Peak yesterday?

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22-Jul-10 8:07 am


I am wondering if something is wrong with my monitor or maybe I did something wrong (dont think I did!).  But I got a Peak on my monitor yesterday morning and this morning it didnt even ask me for a test???  I dont understand why; is that normal?  I had gotten three High readings before the Peak.  Is this just what it does?  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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22-Jul-10 11:21 am
I haven't used a CBFM for years, so don't know if I'm remembering this right, but have you used it for quite a few months?  I'm thinking that if you've used it for awhile, it's gotten to know your cycle well enough that it knows more exactly when you peak and doesn't need additional days to make sure (like the typical low - high - high - peak - high, etc.). 

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22-Jul-10 10:44 pm

Thanks for your reply!  No, this is my first month using it, so I guess it isnt that?  Maybe it always does this?  It does say it asks for 10 test sticks a month, and yesterdays was the 10th one, so maybe this is just how it works...Ill see what it does tomorrow I guess!

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2-Aug-10 12:41 pm

 I'm on my 2nd month of using my cbfm.The 1st month i had 3 lows, then 3 high's, then 2 peaks another high, then one low and it didnt ask me for anymore.This month so far i've had 2 lows and 4 highs, it hasnt detected a Peak reading yet and i havnt had any positive opk's. Have you been taking opk's as well as using the monitor? Have they tied in with the peak reading?

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2-Aug-10 11:06 pm

Hi Star--

 Yes--I was doing the smiley face OPKs along with the CBEFM.  I got 3 Highs and 2 Peaks and then another High and then it went to Low.  I got a + OPK on the day of the first Peak and then the next day I got a - OPK (the second Peak day).  I suspect I Oed the first Peak day or duing the night probably.  But I cant be sure--I had a really slow rise!  Good luck!

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3-Aug-10 11:30 am

The CBEFM tests in lots of 10.  So in other words, if you don't get your peak within the first 10 lot, then it asks for more sticks for another 10.  that is why they sell the sticks the way they do, so that you don't use different sticks from different lots.  In terms of the Peak, the second peak is an automatic peak.  Once you get the first peak, it automatically gives the second peak the next day.  The trick is to figure out when you really it the first day or the second?  The only way to know that is to temp and use OPK's as a back-up.

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