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Ovidrel or Pregnyl? What did you use?

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20-Jul-10 1:16 am

I have a choice this cycle to use Ovidrel or Pregnyl for my trigger.

Not really finding any studies of one better than the other. What have you used???

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20-Jul-10 8:04 am
I will be using Ovidrel in a few days, but haven't yet so that doesn't help you.
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20-Jul-10 8:31 am

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20-Jul-10 8:41 am

Last time I used Ovidrel for my trigger and it was fine. I'm not sure what I'll be using this time.

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20-Jul-10 8:48 am

The only benefit I can think of is if you look like you might overstim you can do 1 ovidrel rather than the standard 2, and save the other for another cycle or donate it.  If you do the pregnyl you could probably just do a half dose, but you'd throw the rest away.  I did ovidrel both times, and only did 1 since my E2 was high the first time and borderline the second.



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20-Jul-10 8:59 am

I used Pregnyl. Mine came with two separate vials of 5000IU and what the nurse told me is to use only 1cc diluent and just inject the first mixture into the second powder vial, trow away the second 1cc of diluent. At SIRM most of us we are on 10000IU, I believe.

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20-Jul-10 1:52 pm

Ovidrel 5,000. No issues with it.

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