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Check out my new granite countertop! *unique*

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16-Jul-10 6:51 pm

We have a friend who does tile and granite work.  While he was doing another bathroom for us, he showed us the new granite he got in and this (small) piece was in the mix.  Immediately we told him we wanted it!  We thought the copper sink would complement it nicely.  Isn't it unique?  I'd never seen granite like this before.

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16-Jul-10 6:53 pm

 very cool, looks great!!

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16-Jul-10 6:54 pm

That is awesome, I Heart it!!!!

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16-Jul-10 7:01 pm

Looks great. I have never seen granite look like that.Happy

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16-Jul-10 8:09 pm

 I love it!

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16-Jul-10 8:15 pm

Very pretty! I want one.... Happy


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16-Jul-10 8:21 pm

Oh wow thats so cool looking. I really love itHappy

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16-Jul-10 8:32 pm
Wow, that is very unique, I love it!

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16-Jul-10 9:09 pm

That is wayyyyy to cool....!! LOVE IT!

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17-Jul-10 1:08 am

OMG, I love it!!  I love to decorate with river rocks and that's exactly what it looks like.  very awesom!


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17-Jul-10 7:28 am

Love it!!

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17-Jul-10 7:47 am

Very nice! I have never seen anything like it! I love it.

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18-Jul-10 9:53 am

I've seen a whole slab like this before, my jaw almost dropped to the floor.

They have coffee tables that simulate this--it is river rock with glass on top, and they are amazing. 



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18-Jul-10 10:02 am

 That is very neat looking!

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18-Jul-10 10:25 am
My husband would kill for that countertop. He designed one very similar except it's concrete instead of granite. Yours looks much nicer. He's going to wet himself when I show him this pic. Lol.


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