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1 year old!

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13-Jul-10 2:16 pm

It has been a busy month, so I didn't post when Andrew turned a year old on June 12. The year went by too quickly. He is doing great! Eats anything he can get his hands on. We have transitioned to a sippy cup. But still give him a bottle at night. He is not walking yet but likes to stand. I am not in a hurry though. My 4 year old keeps me busy enough. Not ready to run after 2 boys yet. He chatters a lot but only a few real words.

Tell me about your June babies?

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13-Jul-10 9:05 pm

 My little Ryan turned 1 on June 25th.  He's not walking yet either, but cruises like crazy and can climb just about anything - today he somehow managed to get up onto a chair in my living room.  He also LOVES climbing up and down stairs - luckily he's quite safe about coming down backwards.

He'll happily walk holding my fingers or even just one hand, but as soon as I let go, he plops down onto his bum.  My twins were early walkers - 10 months for both of them - so it's strange for me to have a 12 month baby with no interest in walking.  I'm in no rush, though - he manages to get into enough trouble crawling, I can't imagine how much trouble he'll get into when he walks!

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