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Mommy of 2 soon to be 3!

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12-Nov-10 1:46 am


Starting weight - 165lbs.

12 weeks - 160lbs.

16 weeks - 161 lbs.

Total so far: -4 lbs.  Trying to keep the weight gain to 15 lbs. so this is good news :)

Well as of today I am at 173lbs!  Ekkk that's a 8lbs weight gain since I found out I was pregnant!  So much for the 15lbs weight gain Stick out tongue  But still aiming to keep it below the 20lbs mark if I can lol.  Went a little crazy on all the Halloween candy and with holiday's coming?...Have a feeling I will be gaining more than 7lbs in the next 12 weeks Happy Wink

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