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Forum Tip: When you shop at Amazon, InGender gets affiliate credit!

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9-Nov-07 9:33 am

If you're doing you Christmas shopping from Amazon, you can support InGender at the same time!  Just use the Amazon search box on the main forums page to search for items.  If you buy anything from Amazon within a few hours of using that search box, then InGender will receive affiliate credit for the sale. (It doesn't matter if the item you buy came up from the search box, you just have to use the search box before buying it.)

Great reasons to buy toys from Amazon: If there is a toy recall you'll get an email about your toy.  Free shipping for orders over $25!

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9-Nov-07 9:49 am

Well....that is just great to know Maureen!  I will definitely do that! 

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20-May-08 6:20 pm

I remembered to do it!  I bought our replacement (Britax) carseat through by using the search box on IG!  Does that mean you get a percentage of the sale, Maureen?  I'm not sure how the "credits" work.

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20-May-08 7:41 pm

 Thanks mtgirl! Kiss

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20-May-08 7:59 pm

That is awesome!! Good idea to start the xmas shopping soon!!! TJ

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