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Has anyone been upset by other peoples lack of attention or interest in your 2nd or subsequent child

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30-Jun-10 6:08 pm

First babies are always more celebrated, more hospital visitors, more pressies, more photos - i have found this with all my friends regardless of the gender makeup of their families.  The more children you have less fanfare people tend to make about it.

Only you can know if those close to you would be reacting this way based on gender, and if so then they aren't worth wasting time worrying about.

I hope things start to feel better for you soon.

Just wanted to add that my 4th DS was born almost 5yrs after #3 and he was treated more like a 1st baby, everyone visiting and spoiling him, he was the only baby in both our families and my friends children were all a bit older by that stage, so everyone was so excited to have a baby around again.

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