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28-Jun-10 12:38 am

Just wanted to let you all know, that my single FET is finally here.  I am scheduled for the transfer tomorrow, Monday.  I am a little nervous as I only have one frosty.  Hopefully, she makes it through the thawing process and blossoms.  It hasn't been that long since my fresh cycle and I already forgot how sore my bum is from all the progesterone shots.  Hoping this is the one! 



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28-Jun-10 4:40 am
I hope this is it for you as well! Keep us updated.


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My best wishes to all TTC and congrats to all that get their babies

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28-Jun-10 6:21 am

 I so hope this is it for you!  Good luck!

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28-Jun-10 6:47 am

Hoping this is the one! 

Me too!  Good luck!!

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28-Jun-10 6:55 am

All the best for your transfer Good Luck Clover

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28-Jun-10 7:33 am

 Best of luck!

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28-Jun-10 7:46 am

GOOD LUCK!!!  Baby Bear Girl

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28-Jun-10 8:11 am
I hope this is it for you too!! Best of luck!!

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28-Jun-10 9:17 am

Pray I truly hope this is it for you! Good Luck Clover

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28-Jun-10 9:22 am


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28-Jun-10 9:32 am
Best of luck to you. There are a lot of us here in the past week or so who did single FET and are hoping for our dd!

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28-Jun-10 9:37 am

My best wishes on a successful transfer and a healthy, sticky bean! Good luck!Good Luck Clover

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28-Jun-10 10:29 am

Good luck Good Luck Clover

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28-Jun-10 10:35 am

Thinking sticky thoughts for you!  Get some good rest!

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