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ladies im really scared im ill xxx

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21-Jun-10 3:29 pm

hi darling...............

I aint been on here for a while coz I been feeling not myself too !!! I went on antidepressents a couple of weeks ago as I felt terrible and had feelings that I was dying too, I think that was all to do with the PND rather than anything being wrong with me to cause death !!! I haven't stopped bleeding since having the baby and convinced myself I had womb or cervical cancer and kept thinking of Jade Goody, I still feel a little scared but the feelings have eased since the tablets have started kicking in !!! I have also felt dizzy, not felt hungry, and had night sweats, but that is all to do with the anxiety that has accompanied the depression !!!

I am starting to feel better now thank the Lord above...............

PM anytime sweetie


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Pray for all those trying to conceive

Heart my heart goes out to those who have misscarried

Agree good luck and hope you get your desired gender