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Faintest of lines*** updated with picture

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14-Jun-10 7:17 am

I've been POAS every morning since Friday.  I started with a 2 pack of FRER (original kind) then moved to the new FRER that says new technology and can detect up to 6 days before missed period. 

Here are the results: 

Friday (5dp5dt - FET).... no line within time period.  I kept taking it out of the trash to look again throughout the day (super sanitary and mentally healthy, I know).  There was some sort of Phantom line if you squinted and looked at it in the right light, but definitely not convincing. 

Saturday.... nothing, even the phantom line wasn't as convincing over time. 

Sunday.... switched to the FRER new kind - maybe a phantom line within 3 minutes, but I'm not sure as I was still half asleep and my eyes weren't all that focused.  Over time I could definitely see a faint line, but it was well over the 10 minutes allotted. 

Today.... used new kind again.  There was a really faint line within the 3 minutes that got dark enough over the next hour for my DH to see.  (He thought I was insane, yesterday, when I told him he had to look at it in the lightHappy ROFL.) 

So, I guess this is a really long email to say that I MAY have a BFP.  I'm not sure since I've read that the new tests are soooo sensitive.  I'm a little nervous about the lack of dfinitive results.... hoping it isn't a chemical.  I'll keep testing each morning and hopefully it will get darker each day.  My beta is Wednesday.


I tried to zoom in, but somehow that isn't what shows up here.  On a side note, but liquid on the counter is water Happy LMAO.

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14-Jun-10 7:31 am

Sounds promising!  I tend to think if you DH can see the line, it's the real thingHappy  LOL

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14-Jun-10 7:39 am
Hey, if you and your DH can see ANY line, I think you're good! I did the same thing, in the right light at 5am one day I could see the line, DH said I was mental. But by dinnertime, it showed up at 9DPO on a digital and I served it to him on a plate. Can you post a photo and invert the image so we can see?? So excited for you :-)


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14-Jun-10 8:22 am

I would definitely have hope with a later BFP from a FET(the whole chemical thing) because depending on the stage of the embryo you transferred, it could take a little bit to re-inflate, etc.  Was it a blast?  Hatching?  Either way, I think it sounds really promising!!

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14-Jun-10 8:28 am

 I agree that is sounds promising!  7dp5dt FET is 12DPO and right on target from what I've read/heard b/c FETs generally are slower/have lower betas.

 FX for you.  KUP

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14-Jun-10 8:34 am
sounds really promising!!!! Can't wait to hear about your beta in a few days!!
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14-Jun-10 8:50 am

 that's a line alright!  i love the phantom lines pulled out of the garbage . . . lol


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14-Jun-10 8:55 am
Really?? That's no faint line- that's a definite line!!!!! Woohoo! Looks like your wait for Chloe is going to end in about 9 months!
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14-Jun-10 9:05 am


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14-Jun-10 9:14 am

Girl--you are preggo!!!!Happy Celebrate

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14-Jun-10 9:18 am

No squinting here - that is most definitely a bfp!  Congrats!

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14-Jun-10 9:30 am

I see a line!  Happy  LOL  Congrats!

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14-Jun-10 9:31 am
I can see it!!! Congrats!!

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14-Jun-10 9:32 am

 I can definetley see it! xx

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14-Jun-10 9:38 am
no squinting required, that's a line, you are pregnant! congratulations!!


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