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my daughter's birth!

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6-Jun-10 11:29 am

first of all sorry for my pure english...

I just can't believe it that is time to tell our story here!..I have read soo many things to sway for girl, and now I have her in my arms!

one week before birth I lost the mucus und I had contractions for several my son,the water had borken, just after the lost of mucus... but the baby did not want to come ..

 it was Friday morning (5-28-2010), 2:30 am and I was feeling these pains that I had totally forgotten!...o, my god! tha labor beginns!  I can not take a breath and the pains beginn again!... I am feeling totally frustrating...

at the hospital the told me that the labor wont take long.. the baby is soo nealry here... I was 5 cm!!! my god! the water didnt break...after all the necessary preparations I was 8 cm and I couldnt stand the pain anymore... my midwife helped me and I was pushing really husband was holding me all the time and he first saw the babys hair!

I touch also the head and I god...she is coming! at a examination the water broke and I was almost 10 cm...

but at these point I lost my courage... I was feeling the baby really big and I was terrified... my midwife was telling me to push. " push...the baby is big...puuushhhh hardeeeeer...HERE IS YOUR DAUGHTER!

and a little white ball was in my arms, crying and my eyes couldnt see ...I was crying with girl my girl, mommy is here!

my husband cut the cord...he disconnected mommy and daughter and he is totally connected with her!

my baby girl was born 3470 gr and 51 cm ...when we left the hospital she was 3520 gr ...she loves breastfeeding !

here is my little miracle!







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6-Jun-10 11:55 am

Congrats!!  She is beautiful!!! Baby Bear Girl Hearts



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6-Jun-10 12:13 pm

 Love Ya! Congrats!

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6-Jun-10 9:07 pm

Congratulations!!!  She is just lovely!

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6-Jun-10 9:24 pm

 Congratulations! She is beautiful!Baby Bear Girl


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6-Jun-10 9:33 pm

 beautiful, enjoy!!!

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7-Jun-10 2:07 am
CONGRATS!!! xXx   

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7-Jun-10 2:10 am

Oh, she's gorgeous!Hearts Congrats on the arrival of your baby girl!

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7-Jun-10 9:42 pm

What a doll!  Congratulations!


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7-Jun-10 9:48 pm

she is so cute

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10-Jun-10 1:26 pm

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10-Jun-10 10:18 pm

Congrats.. shes a doll Love Ya!Kiss

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23-Jun-10 11:46 am


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