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weight management during my pregnancy.

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5-Jun-10 2:34 pm

 hi everyone.

i am on a program called Weigh - Less. but not to loose weight but, more to control how much weight i put on and try and limit it to 10kgs or less. I am considered an obese pregnant and really don't want to put on 20kgs like my first two pregnancies. am i being selfish?



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6-Jun-10 2:10 pm

No i dont think your being selfish at all its far healthier to exercise and eat properly during pregnancy i gained way to much during my first pregnancy so the second time around i was determined not to so i was healthy most of the time except weekendsEmbarrassed and i did exercise 4 x a week she is now 4 months old and im back to pre preg weight i gained about 43 lbs!

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7-Jun-10 2:39 am

that is so great to hear. i come from a small town and ppl i have told think i am doing something terrable to my baby.

thanks for sharing. Love Ya!

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7-Jun-10 7:42 am

I was overweight during my pregnancy. I was so scared of putting on more weight. I have high blood pressure and was afraid I was going to have cardiac problems.  My doctor said she would allow me to gain as much as 30 pounds!!  I was shocked! I am 5'10 and weighed a little over 300 pounds. I thought she was crazy!

I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. I just ate what we always ate for dinner, didn't go crazy with sweets (which I love!!). I could not even walk, because I was on bedrest off and on during pregnancy.  I did not gain 1 pound!! I stayed the same the whole pregnancy and when I went for my 6 week check up I was 35 pounds lighter!! I have never seen anything like it!!  The doctor was fine with it-she said I was eating just fine and the baby would take whatever she needed!

You are doing just fine. Don't listen to anyone else!!!


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25-Jun-10 8:27 am
You should look into the Gestational Diabetes diet to follow while pregnant.  It will really help keep extra weight off, and cut down on the sugars.

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