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Gender guess-Is it a girl?-20 weeks

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3-Jun-10 5:18 pm

U/S today, and was told it's a girl. Read a few articles/looked at a few pictures, but can't figure it out on my own. 

I do see 3 lines, I just don't know if I am looking in the right spot. I want to go crazy and start decorating, I just want to be able to somewhat understand for myself.



Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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3-Jun-10 6:42 pm

 I'm pretty sure that darker line between the legs is the clitoris.  It's a huge giveaway because boys can have 3 faint lines, but never a super dark one right in the middle.

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3-Jun-10 6:44 pm

looks girl to me!

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3-Jun-10 6:45 pm

Baby Bear Girl 

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3-Jun-10 6:46 pm

 That's a girl!

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3-Jun-10 9:40 pm

Looks like Baby Bear Girl to me :)

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3-Jun-10 9:41 pm
Looks girl to me too!! Congrats!!

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3-Jun-10 9:48 pm

Happy CelebrateBaby GirlHappy Celebrate

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4-Jun-10 3:32 am

Looks girly Baby Bear Girl


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5-Jun-10 3:21 pm

That looks very girlie to me. Congrats

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5-Jun-10 4:41 pm
im no expert but I'd say Girl!
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5-Jun-10 5:59 pm

looks girly Happy  Have fun decorating!!

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5-Jun-10 6:02 pm

 Girl! :)

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5-Jun-10 8:19 pm

 Looks like you have a girl :)

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