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What would you like your kids to do?

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2-Jun-10 11:24 am

I would love to see my oldest DD be a nurse or a teacher because she is so sensitive and passionate.  I would like to see DD#2 follow after me, and become an engineer as she is a pretty good leader.

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2-Jun-10 11:31 am

DS is only 18 months and his personality is just starting to come out. I want him to be a doctor Geeked. Aiming high, then may be he wont turn out to be a loser Worried.


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2-Jun-10 11:42 am

My number one dream is for our kids to be strong in the Faith and to do what ever God wants them to do.  DD1 right now (she is 6) wants to be a Doctor and work as a missionary helping people in other countries.. but only part time because she also wants to own the house across the pond from us, have 4 kids and have me help her raise them lol.  Dh told her she better find a great hubby for all of that lol.  dd2 doesn't want any kids EVER.  She wants to be a hiker.  ds right now is playing with a toy sward so I say knight! lol

dddd ds
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7-Jun-10 2:45 pm

 I think DS# 1 will be an athlete and #2 is still out on that one Stick out tongue

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11-Jun-10 4:51 am

DS1 wants to become a video game developer.

DS2 a scientist.

DS3 a drummer!

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11-Jun-10 5:14 am

DS#1 wants to be a zookeeper which I think would be great, he is so kind to animals

DS#2 is very passionate about building (not sure where that comes from), so I hope he continues on and fulfills his dream

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11-Jun-10 6:51 am

DD who the moment she is very good at vomitting and dribbling, maybe Linda Blair number 2????

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1-Jul-10 6:22 am
Good question! The only thing I suppose I can really say here is 'what they truly want to do' - and that is because I was pushed and pushed to go to university b y my mother who just wanted her daughter to be better than her sister's daughters who didn't go to uni! (Not that my degree has got me anywhere extra in life!). I look back now and realise what a load of totally crap advice my mother pressed onto me - all based on 'what other people would think'! In retrospect I wish I had of joined the police force or fire service. Anyway - I will be sure to make sure my kids get some proper advice on their career options - unlike I did!! (Sorry - felt myself dissolving into a little rant there!!!) x
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5-Jan-11 9:51 am

DD once said she wanted to be a CVS pharmacy pharmacist... no idea where she got that from :) But recently she said she'll either be a Engineer like her mama and wants to have kids and be a mom just like me :)  
Then when she meets her uncles (my cousins) who are doctors, she wants to be like them to help people feel better. Then she finally decided between an Engineer and a paediatrician. Thats where it stands now.
I want her to follow her passion and give it a 100% and want her to have a goal which I think is very important especially when they become teenagers.  

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2-Dec-12 5:49 pm
What I read I really liked it. Thank you for your information!



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26-Dec-13 6:57 am

I'd really just like for them to be happy and successful.

DS1 wants to be a game designer or electronics engineer.

DS2 wants to be a banker.

DS3 wants to be involved with sports.

DS4 wants to do something revolving around dinosaurs (can't remember the name).

DD1 changes her mind constantly.

DD2 wants to be a dancer (she studies ballroom and latin)

DS5 wants to be a farmer.

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