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Income requirements for domestic adoption?


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31-May-10 1:55 pm

 (irritated right now! I just typed out a whole post,almost sent send and then my baby snuck up on me and pushed a key on my keyboard that went back to the last screen and I lost everything!)

Anyway...gotta make this quick, my time on the computer is up, kids need

I know the income requirements for international adoption, and we don't qualify until Dh gets his RN and starts that career. He can't do that until his current job ends, which is taking care of an elderly man and it ends when the man dies. :( Then he will have another two years to finish the nursing program. Thankfully his prereqs are done.

So in the mean time...DH wanted to TTC again. But my heart really just lies in adoption right now. I even am signing up for classes in the fall to get my associates degree, focusing on child development, because when we adopt I'd like to show an understanding of child development, possible attachment or other mental and behavioral issues. Already we have a son with ADHD and I have been learning a lot on how to best work with him. What I'm saying is....we're not going into this expecting sunshine and daisies, we will be prepared and experienced with a variety of behavioral issues and capable of dealing with them.

The point of this post....I have been going to positively and noticed posts for domestic adoptions. Specifically, a 5 yr old girl adopted from Ethiopia and brought to the U.S. But for some reason, her U.S. family is adopting her back out (I forget the term for that). I really really feel drawn to special needs adoption, specifically HIV or other disorders/diseases (not sure what you'd call it) that most people would reject or shy away from. After educating myself and my husband, I'm not afraid. I'm a bit afraid of my family's reaction...however I know that with education they would be okay too. We have a pretty open and understanding family, on both sides. :)

Anyway, this would be something I'd LOVE to work towards...its just the income thing right  now. Right now we are below the federal poverty level because of our large family size, and Dh is the only one working currently. Being a home caregiver for just one family doesn't pay that much, at least not in his case. Yet we still seem to get by, and with extras like all the boys being able to do soccer (it was $130 for just two boys to sign up for fall soccer this year! yikes!) and scouts (all those camp fees), and piano lessons...etc etc.  Anyway, we just have a lot of extras and lots of areas where we could really tighten the belt if needed.
Also...what is considered "income"? With Dh's job we are provided with a house. Its the house next door to where the man lives that DH takes care of. The man owns this house and its purpose is for his main caregiver to live in so that he can be close by and on call at all times. Its been an understanding that the house is a benefit of the job, and DH gets paid less to make up for the "rent". However this is not shown on DH's check. We could have his boss to sign a statement saying that the rent for the house is $900 and DH is paid $900 less because of that. Including that with his gross income for hours worked, then we'd be making well above the federal poverty level.

Okay just talking outloud....but I'd love to hear some tips and advice. I'd LOVE to start working towards something like this. :)  Our life is crazy right now, and we seem to have a lot on our plate. Some people may think we'd be crazy. But with five boys, its always going to be crazy. haha I don't feel so bad when I see other families with lots of kids adopting also. ;) Our friends who are trying to adopt the down syndrome baby with leukemia have five kids also, under 15 yrs old. They  have a crazy busy life too... ;)

We have the room in our in our hearts...and room in our family! :) What more is there....

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31-May-10 6:06 pm

Bethany- for domestic you'll have to show your income vs your losses. Do you make enough to pay your bills? If you do then most likely you will be able to adopt. I would call a homestudy ageny and talk to them, they can guide you better.

Another good choice for you is foster/adopt. :)

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