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compression stockings for veins

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31-May-10 12:29 pm

hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has used compression stockings during their pregnancy. I have some large veins in may right leg and upper inner thigh.  my midwife suggested compression stockings.  I am just 18 weeks pregnant.  I went and got fitted  for full hose and wore them for 2 full days.  when I went to take them off the 2nd day I kinda formed a turniqet and thought my veins were going to explode.  by the end of the day they become super unbearable behind the knees and around ankle.  My legs aren't that bad and don't hurt...the midwife say's yet...that they will continue to grow worse as the pregnancy progresses and that I can stop them from getting worse by wearing the stockings now.  I need more research...what negatives come from these stockings?  I could get used to them if necessary or just deal...just seems wrong to constrict my body.  Any thoughts?

peace and thanks....Agfossil

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31-May-10 8:15 pm

I wore them non stop for my last 2 pregs. Seriously, from after my morning shower, to bedtime. And they really really helped me--my nasty veins are pretty much gone since the birth of my last baby--I am huge advocate!

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31-May-10 8:46 pm

Thanks Charliecats, will keep that in mind.  Guess they take some getting used to.

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14-Jun-10 4:42 pm

I am someone who should have worn them more and didn't. I didn't get them until after baby #2. They get a bit better after delivery but I have def. done damage now. Wear them! I will need 2-3 surgeries under gen. anesthesia to have them removed. I should be wearing them now but I hate them. I think I have the strongest compression and it takes 5 min to put them on. Sometimes I just wear a sport brace for my ankle instead. It is tight and stretchy, and pulls on -kinda like an ace bandage. That helps the pain and stinging. However, I have mult areas even up to my groin. I should wear the hose. I know I am at risk for dvt's and have had some phlebitis.....I am the worst pt.

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14-Jun-10 5:22 pm

I had been doing pretty good until this past weekend when it was like 90 degrees and I was without air conditioning.  I also didn't wear them today cause I went to the pool all day.  so for a couple of weeks I was wearing them all day.  nothing hurts me so i guess my veins aren't really bad...just know that they can get bad like you say.  Sorry you have had such a bad time with them...I totally get the hating the hose.  don't think I would so much if it weren't summer to be bare skinned at the pool!  will keep your advice to wear them in mind.

peace and thanks...agfossil

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