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iwantalittleprincess' girly sway attempt - UPDATE ITS A GIRL!!!


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25-May-10 5:31 pm

NAME                                                                 Iwantalittleprincess
Gender Resulted                                               ITS A GIRL (confirmed 20+1 and 21+5)
Swaying Attempt                                               Natural at home gender swaying

CM Ph                                                               between 4.5-5
DH Ph                                                                N/A never tested
Douche type and when                                     12mls lime juice and distilled water mix 1 hr before bd
Replens and when                                           1 finger replens every other day and finger tip 1 hr before bd after lime douche
Big O                                                                sometimes but tried to avoid 

Calcium                                                            yes 1200mg daily
Magnesium -                                                    yes 400mg daily
Potassium -                                                      low potassium diet followed avoided big no no's
Sodium -                                                           low sodium diet followed
DH minerals -

Dietary Changes                                                no food until noon,increased intake of diet items avoided big no no's
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long?  only for a fe days after O (was xmas/new yr time)
Caffeine                                                             cut down
DH caffeine                                                        cups of tea as normal doesn't consume much caffine anyways tho

Drinks                                                                 none
Supplements                                                      none

Cranberry                                                           loads, low sugar cranberry juice, cranberry tablets, dried cranberries
Acidophilus                                                         a little in natural youghurt
Sudafed                                                              couple of hours before each bd
Others                                                                pheneline, asparteme lots of, 3 cups peppermint tea a day, viy b6 and b12 and vit e
DH supps                                                           calcium and cranberry

BD cutoff (# of days)                                          1 day cut off ( had planned 2-3 day cut off but got surprise o a little earlier than expected
BD thru O                                                           no
O+12                                                                  bd'd again 16-20 hrs after o
Frequent BD/how many days                             frequent bd days 1 - 23 cut off
Charting O with Temp                                        not on attempt month
Charting O with OPK                                          not on attepmt month
Fertility monitor used/type                                  cbfm 10 days of highs before peak fertility reading on cd 24
Suspected O date                                             07th Jan 2010

Oed in what moon phase                                   Just before new moon
Changed ions in other ways?                             exposed to running water shower after bd, spent time outdoors

How many kids do you have?                             3
What gender(s)?                                                boy, boy, boy
# of months TTC                                                2 practice months, 1 real attempt sucessful
Your Age                                                            27
BD position                                                         shallow missionary
Jump and dump                                                  no
EWCM present/how much?                                 hard to tell with replens masking
DH undies type                                                   loose fitting boxer shorts
DH hot bath/shower                                            hot showers daily
OWT - anything under bed?                               wooden spoon and pink frilly socks

COMMENTS?          I am getting my princess I cannot believe it!  My family is complete :D

                               DH not on board with swaying so this was a personal effort attemot, conned him into taking supps saying they helped

                                deter mosquitos (he works abroad) he also wants babies gender a surpise so sex confirmation is a secret! shhhhhh

Mummy to Baby Boy11  Baby Boy5  Baby Boy2 and Baby Girl was born September 2010, WOOOOOHOOOOO! I GOT MY PRINCESS