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Why don't people dress girls girlie!

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18-May-10 4:54 am
I really don't understand why people who have girls, dress them so badly. Take my husbands cousin, she was about 5 when we first started going out (10 years ago) and I have never seen her dressed nicely or her hair nice! Every time I see her I am desperate to get a brush to her hair and even on my wedding day she was put in this awful brown dress thing! And my friends little girl who is now 3, is such a pretty little girl with lush curly hair and she is put in such tomboy clothes. She is a real girlie girl now and her mum hates it and doesn't let her be that. I am desperate to have a wardrobe full of pink, white and frills and it really upsets/angers me when I keep having to see this go on! Am I alone in thinking this way and being out of order??

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18-May-10 4:58 am

nope i always wonder this especially the ones who really want a girl then get one and dress them in jeans and a t-shirt??? im like you cud have put that on a boy!!

i guess everyone is differnt but i love everything girly.............bodes well for me really lol

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18-May-10 5:04 am

well I have two girls and I am always trying to dress them nicely but it doesnt always happen. they want to wear what they want some days and I am so tired with fighting with them that Iet them wear what they want.  I always do there hair nice but it sometimes gets ripped out.  It is hard up keep with girls sometimes.   

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18-May-10 5:24 am
What a totally sexist post. Wow!!!! I have a girl and now she likes to choose how she dresses, but when they are small, comfort comes first and I encouraged my daughter to explore, get dirty and live a little, not put her in frilly dresses with bows in her hair for show. Children are not dolls.

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18-May-10 5:26 am

It could be the girls choices to dress like that. Just ask my mum. Whenever I talk about all the cute girl stuff out there in the world she is forever reminding me that I would never wear a dress or dress girlie etc. I was a tomboy and I hated pink, girlie stuff and having my hair done. Not much has changed since then eitherStick out tongue 

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18-May-10 5:47 am

 I waited a while for a girl and  I do dress her up sometimes when going out..but most times she is in a diaper at our house, hair un-done and wanting to play with cars. I love doing the girlie things with her and she is only a baby still, but I is about comfort at the young age, and then you kinda need to let your children show independance over what they want to wear. If DD chooses to want to wear jeans/ tshirt when old enough to choose (I usually let them start choosing clothes around 3-4 when they start caring)..then I will just hope they are at least girlie jeans/shirts. Other than that, I don't think or even see a reason for non-stop dress ups. How are they supposed to play at the park in a dress with their hair all done up (and the mom/dad saying 'no no..don't play in the sand, you will get all dirty..or sit like a lady, you don't want all the kids at the play place seeing your undies..(which of course I will teach regardless of the clothing on her).  I think their is a time and place for it. We don't go around dressing boys in dirt stained clothes because of the thinking 'boys are messy and covered in dirt and girls are in dresses playing tea party.'.. Kids are kids. It is the parents who care I think. Once school age hits, and they are still choosing the boyish have yourself a tomboy then. My next door neighbor has 3 girls. The first 2 are girlie, then the 3rd (5 and DS2's age) is as tomboy as they come and she knows it. It literally took me a couple months to realize that she was a SHE.  But, my son and her are BFF's..sooo cute. 

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18-May-10 5:48 am

I have never put my daughter in a huge pink frilly dress!! Actually thats a lie, i have done it once for a birthday party but it lasted an hour before she was getting annoyed with it getting in the way!!  When she was a baby she wore what was comfortable - leggins and a t-shirt! I didnt put her in dresses because they are just annoying! They ride up and looks awful! When they start to crawl they cant wear them because of carpet burn and the dress gets bundled up and stops them crawling! I have pretty clothes for my little girl but they are comfortable. A pretty top and a nice pair of trousers! She wants to get messy and explore anyway, why spend money on all that crap when they are just going to get chocolate, juice, dirt and everything else they touch all over it?! My little girl always looks beautiful in whatever she wears Happy Giggle


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18-May-10 5:52 am

I think it's more a practical issue more then style. I am super girly and I would love to have a girl one day to dress her in lovely dresses but I live in the countryside and jeans are a lot more practical. I agree with a PP, perhaps is the girls choice and not their mothers.

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18-May-10 6:00 am

My dd has never wore frilly dresses etc  However, she doesnt dress like a tomboy either.

She wears dresses but they dont have a single frill on them, she wears leggings and pretty tops.
Sometimes, depending on the weather she'll wear shorts and t shirts.  I like Abbie to look pretty but
like someone else said comfort is more important to me.  If we're going out somewhere...say to a
bbq, family party etc I always make an effort to make sure Abbie looks nice.  In the winter months
(we have many here in the U.K lol) she'll wear jeans and long sleeve tops with converse pumps.

I'm just so glad it's finally summer here so she can start wearing her dresses/skirts etc again.

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18-May-10 6:01 am

I kind of feel sorry for little girls that are always treated and dressed up like a doll. You want a doll go buy one, don't treat a human being like that though!

My DD1 is now nearly three and decides for herself what she wants to wear, so long as it roughly matches I don't mind... Today she's wearing a t-shirt with a denim dress (kind of like dungarees but a dress) and some tights. Yesterday she was wearing jeans and a baggy tshirt. She wears what makes her comfortable and what she likes wearing. My DD2 wears jeans/trousers most days and a shirt. She wears dresses when the weather is warm or if she really insists but honestly they just aren't that practical or comfortable

As for styling their hair - you have obviously never tried to get a little girl to keep hair bows, scrunchies, clips or head bands on... The minute I put any on my girls they start fiddling with them until they fall out. So unless it's a special occasion my girls get the same as my boys - a brush through their hair and that's it!

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18-May-10 6:09 am

 Wow, I am surprised by this post.  Yes, I have a daughter but that doesn't mean she is a doll.  In the middle of a freezing winter, a hat is a lot more practical than a hairbow and I can't imagine putting her in a dress and tights when we venture out into the snow (unless it is a special occassion).  I want her to be comfortable. In addition, if she wants to wear something when she is older, I am not going to force her to change.  She is a person with her own personality.  I hope you would offer your daughter the same.

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18-May-10 6:33 am
My mother couldn't have put me in a girlie dress when I was little- I hated it! She respected my opinion in this regard and let me wear trousers for the most part.

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18-May-10 6:52 am

I tend to dress my girls how I would dress myself and that is usually jeans and a tshirt - I am definiately NOT a dress/skirt kind of person and not much of a girly girl either.  I let my older girls choose what they want to wear and while I do put the occasional sundress on my toddler she usually is in jeans too.  Of course I think little jeans are adorable as opposed to pink and frills which make me want to gag!  LOL 

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18-May-10 7:06 am


It could be the girls choices to dress like that. Just ask my mum. Whenever I talk about all the cute girl stuff out there in the world she is forever reminding me that I would never wear a dress or dress girlie etc. I was a tomboy and I hated pink, girlie stuff and having my hair done. Not much has changed since then eitherStick out tongue 

This, plus, everbody has different taste.  Some of the things that pp like on here I think are hideous and I'm sure pp feel the same way about things I like!

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18-May-10 7:09 am

Oh dear - dont shoot me down - but I LOVED dressing up my girl!!!!!!

O/P - I used to lay out her clothes before she was born and imagine putting these tights with these shoes and this dress etc - for me it was/is part of the fun of a girl! I brought her home in an expensive cream smocked dress and cream tights. My mum and others knitted her so many beautiful bonnets and cardigans and mitts, she was always co-ordinated! Her big high pram had a handmade quilt and cushion when she was a bit older, pink and white and frilly with her name embroidered across it! I loved taking her out in it wearing her gorgeous clothes! Yes thats not for other mums, but everyone does what makes them happy, and that was part of the magic for me.

And yes she also wore dungarees and trousers and leggings as a baby/toddler, but they were always pink/mint/lilac/light blue with girlie frills and patterns, I kept denim for playing in the garden/park/snow when she was older. Even now she doesnt like jeans/denim, but probably as her waist is so small I have to buy the adjustable waist trousers, which dig into her. She wears denim leggings instead with her long tops and her pink Ugg boots (do they have them in the US!!?). She still chooses a party dress or skirt outfit for parties and special occasions, and for these occasions and for school and activities I do her hair (which is bum length) neatly and prettily with bows/clips etc. At the weekend I leave her hair down with just a hairband so I am not "attacking" her with a hairbrush!!!

Generally she dresses herself now at age 5 (and her favourite items are pink) - and I would never force her to change, unless she wanted to wear something out of the dressing up box!!!!

I am sure I sound like a crazy mother, but I am pretty normal I assure you, and so is my daughter! I just loved and still love girlie clothes, and now having my second boy, I am so glad I indulged myself when I had the chance. When I was in my early teans, I started wearing black and purple all the time - if she does that, at least I will have had her early years in girlie clothes and colours!!!!!

(BTW - I LOVE dessing my son too! He is the cutest in his cool and trendy gear!)


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